Affiliated to CBSE(10+2), New Delhi -110055. Managed By D.A.V. College Managing Committee, New Delhi - 55

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Dear Well Wishers,

Many moons ago- not less than three decades – a small sapling of DAV was planted in Gaya. The hope was same to spread the clarion call of Swami Dayanand, “Krinvanto VIshwam Aryam” and provide a kind of education that envigorates the career and character of budding flowers of the society who are to hold the reign of tomorrow’s nation.

Today this sapling has amazingly grown into a larger Bargada Tree under whose shelter about six thousand children from Lower K.G to Twelve imbibe the lesson of life. Along with this DAV Public School, Cantt. Area, Gaya gave birth to four other sister institutions in the Gaya district.

The school always got the support and guidance of its guardians of DAV C.M.C whenever asked or needed and the school family left no stone unturned to bring the eternal spring of flowering and fruit bearing. The result is that today the alma mater has a thousand feathers in her cap in the form of thousand proud alumni who are serving the nation as bureaucrats, technocrats and other professionals. Moreover, the   school would not be a cynosure of the city and far beyond the without the praiseworthy cooperation of the parents who trusted us and gave the responsibility to nurture their children.

Their trust in us is the trust in Swamiji, the trust in the ideals of Arya Samaj, their trust in the rich cultural heritage of India and above all their trust in the holistic environment that we have on the premises. Such parents deserve our thanks from the very core of our hearts for standing with us as an unmalleable fulcrum.

Pandemic – 19 was the undreamt of phenomenon of the world which swallowed several organizations and institutions. Though infected yet we emerged as warriors and with little harm to our children we maintained the continuity of teaching learning and had good results as well. And we bud again afresh and march ahead to reach a new milestone and carve a new niche ………




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